Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a daunting task, especially if you
haven’t attempted to step out in many, many years. However, it’s not too late. For as long as you’ve got life in you and the strength and energy to pursue your dreams, you can still make a go for it. Taking baby steps mean not rushing into trying new things. You don’t want to do everything all at once. For most people, rushing into things is a scary concept. Some people can stomach the thought of doing that, but the majority will be scared.

So, to make it easier, you can take small steps out of your comfort zone. It’s
like taking one foot out the door first and looking around. When everything
looks clear and you feel safe, you take another step forward. You can do the
entire process of furtively looking around, making sure no one’s going to
come at you to tackle you to the ground, for as long as you need to.
We all do things differently – some like to rush, some like to take it slow.
Whatever floats your boat as long as it gets you out of your comfort zone.

Small victories count. It doesn’t matter how small you think it is, but as long
as you’re making progress, then you’re doing great. It’s what all of us did
when we were babies – we first learned to crawl on our bellies, then on our
hands and knees, before finally attempting to stand up and learning to walk
on our tiny feet.
You may not remember the number of times you’ve fallen. But I’m sure you
can imagine your parents cheering you on from the sidelines, happy with
every little progress you made. And you imagine yourself smiling at them and clapping your chubby little hands, looking mighty proud of yourself.

You’ve come a long, long way since then. But here you are again taking baby
steps. This time you’re doing it for your goals and for your dreams in life. You may no longer have the luxury of having your parents on your side, but you can still do it. Cheer for yourself and celebrate each and every milestone you tick off your list.

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