Say ‘Yes’ More Often

In this context, saying ‘yes’ means being open to new opportunities, new
ideas, new perspectives, and new challenges. It means saying ‘yes’ to things
that will ultimately bring you out of your comfort zone and help you reach your
When you say ‘yes’ to new experiences, you may feel intimidated at first. But
sooner or later, it’s going to get your adrenaline going. When you succeed
and conquer these new challenges, you’ll feel a high like no other. It’s
something you will never experience while you’re trapped inside your comfort
When you take the bulls by the horn, and you succeed, you gain a lot of selfrespect and self-confidence. You begin to see yourself in a different light.
You’re not such a failure after all. And you begin to see the future in a more
positive and more hopeful light.
Now, learning to say ‘yes’ doesn’t mean agreeing to everything and everyone
that comes your way. The word ‘no’ is equally important as ‘yes,’ and you
should know when to use both words properly.
When you say ‘yes’ to people and things who aren’t going to help you grow,
then you’re not helping yourself. Saying ‘yes’ to people who want to take
advantage of you is a recipe for disaster. Agreeing to do things that go
beyond your moral boundaries and your values will only make you hate
yourself. You’ll lose self-respect and your self-esteem.
Before you say ‘yes’ to anything, check first if it falls within your boundaries. If
it does, then ask yourself how you’re going to benefit from the experience.
Will you be more productive? Will you gain new skills? What will you stand to
gain? You may be uncomfortable with trying out new things, but as long as
you don’t violate any rules and you don’t hurt other people, then you should
go for it.
Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ to trying new things. Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’
even if you’ve failed before (perhaps you can do things a bit differently this
time and try to avoid doing the things that lead you to your past failures).
Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ to redeeming your past failures and salvaging
your dreams.

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