The entrepreneurs making headlines in the world today and in the
days of the past like Bill Gates, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford,
Barbara Corcoran, Donald J. Trump, Richard Branson, and much
more took significant risks to get what everybody else dreamed of
acquiring. Unlike most people in the world today who have ideas,
they are constantly afraid of taking risks that will increase their

Successful entrepreneurs have a tolerance of ambiguity, which is
the ability to withstand the fear of uncertainty as well as the
potential failure. Michael Sherrod, the entrepreneur – in –
residence at the prestigious Neeley School of Business at the
Texas Christian University says, β€œit all boils down to having the
ability to manage fear successfully.”

Calculated risks are the way to go instead of blindly making leaps
of faith. As the adage goes, you do not test the depth of the river
with both feet, so it is necessary that you be careful with the kind
of risks you take and always have a plan.


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