In many ways, your comfort zone is your prison. You do the same things with the same crowd, with the same people. You become so comfortable with the status quo that the thought of meeting and getting to know new people frightens you.

What if they don’t like you? What if they hate you? What if they talk about you behind your back? Negative thoughts about how other people are going to react to you are always on your mind. You don’t want to look like a fool in
front of strangers, so you keep to yourself.

While it’s true you can’t predict how people will perceive you, you don’t have to be a hostage to other’s opinion of you. You can’t control their thoughts or their emotions. We’re all free to choose who we’re going to like.
However, when you trap yourself inside your comfort zone, you also don’t
grow. You know the people you’ve been hanging out with forever – you know their likes, dislikes, their attitudes, etc.

When you meet new people, you’re thrown in for a fun and exciting loop. You learn new ideas, you learn new perspectives, who knows maybe you’ll even learn a new language or two!
We all have so much to offer, even you. When you meet new people, they
can potentially influence you, and you can influence them too. You’ll
exchange ideas, you’ll exchange knowledge that neither of you knew before.

If you’re running into some problems and your current clique can’t help you, then perhaps someone else can help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out – it’s how new relationships are built.
There are a lot of benefits to expanding your network of friends and
acquaintances. You may even benefit professionally as meeting new people
can open new doors for you. If you’re genuine, people will gravitate to you
and won’t hesitate to reach out to you, too.

Lastly, new people have the added benefit of not knowing about your past. It means they won’t be prejudging you based on some stupid thing you did in the past. You’ll begin with a clean slate. Of course, it’s going to be up to you if you ever want to share the more intimate details of your past with your new friends. Coming out clean is a good idea though, especially if your new relationships are taking off to greater heights.

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