Increase Sales by Presenting Choices

OK enough of that for now. I want to talk about something else that’s rarely done, especially in the world of online marketing and info products, and that’s offering different price plans from the word go. Sure people might change their price, put it up and down to experiment, put on offers and so on, but that’s not doing much if your original plan isn’t well thought out.

Even with the simplest of single sale info products such as this, you’re presented with options. The more, the better to be honest. Whether you’re a high ticket item offering smaller chunks to be paid at extended periods, or a low priced membership site that does the opposite, and offers a lump sum that gives access for three months, six months or even a year.

Remember, the sales process is all about answering the customer’s questions, and squashing their fears or any problems they may come up with in their minds for not buying your product. It’s no good you selling someone on something and then they find out they don’t have the payment option they want. Make sure you add multiples of these. It’s simple, if there’s anyone out there with a website that only offers one payment option, they’re losing sales. Don’t let this be you.

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