How to Have the Perfect Personal Branding in 2020 – When we think of large corporations and companies, we think about their branding.

But what about personal branding? Just like business brands, your persona brand reflects how other people perceive you in the professional world and the things they think of when they hear your name.

In this modern world of social media and online presence, personal branding can be the key to be a successful person, whether you’re in business, professional, or creative industry.

More and more people are starting to realize the importance of building their personal branding, and you should try it  too. First, let’s understand the benefits of creating a particular brand.

Why Personal Branding is Important

  1. Stand out from the competition

Having a personal brand will set you apart from your competitors. Conveying your story, strengths and key traits allows you to shine as a unique individual. Nobody else can offer what you have, because you are different, and your personality is what makes you the right person for your client or audience. Your personal branding is also the perfect opportunity to showcase your expertise.

  • Attract the right clients

Let’s say you have established yourself as an expert in your industry as well as your unique skill and personality set. It will now be easier for you to attract clients and audiences who resonate with your own values. This is possible because you’re increasing your online visibility and making it simple for people to know all about you just by a simple Google search.

Moreover, having a prominent personal brand will also open you up to networking, and people who want to make connections with you.

  • Build trust and authority

Sharing valuable content, which we will discuss in more detail later, can help you gain credibility in your industry. In turn, your audience will be familiar with your personal branding and trust you as a source of authority. You can then leverage this audience and become an influencer.

Finally, someone with strong personal branding is more likely to get featured in media. This personal branding will be great exposure for you and your business!

How to Create a Compelling Personal Brand

  1. Determine what makes you who you are

In order to create a trustworthy and authentic personal brand, you must first understand who you really are. What are your best qualities? What makes you unique? You can start by thinking about your top values and passion in life.

Next, you will have to decide your key traits and skills. There are plenty of online personality tests that can help you identify your strongest traits, while also recognizing your weaker points so that you can work on them. Meanwhile, your skills can be your main selling point (copywriting, graphic design, personal development, coaching, etc) or specific technical skills that will add to it.

What can you offer that no one else does? Perhaps it’s your professional work ethic or a unique combination of skillset.

  • Construct your personal image

Have professional photos taken of you that you can use on your LinkedIn page, website and company profile. Maybe you would want a personal logo to put on all your social media and sites that will help clients and audience recognize your Brand.

It might also be a good idea to create a personal email signature that includes links to your social media and personal website. This can be a great way to ensure that you’ll point potential clients to the right direction.

  • Define your target audience

This is an important step in your personal branding journey. Realistically, you can’t cater to everyone. What you can do is decide the types of people that can relate deeply to you and what you offer. Think about who can benefit the most from your knowledge and skills, and who you can help most effectively.

It helps to do some research on your potential demographics too!

  • Establish your online presence

Social media like LinkedIn and Instagram are a great place to start if you’re not yet ready to purchase a domain. However, they won’t give you as much creative freedom compared to having your own website. Through these sites, make sure that you have a seamless and continuous brand. This may include having a color scheme,

Your social media blogs and website feature your best works and attributes so that the persona you’ve created for yourself can shine through. For example, if you visit Michael Ginarto’s homepage in this website, you can see how he has highlighted certain qualities that he wants to be associated with. You can know right away that he’s a prominent name in real estate and a business consultant who has real successful experiences.

  • Create your content plan

Once you’ve established the channel for your online presence, it’s essential to post content regularly. This can be in the form of blog articles, social media posts, photos, videos and even podcasts. Decide how active you want to be on each platform and try to stick to a schedule. This will this help you grow an audience and following.

  • Always give value to your audience

Once you’ve set the ball rolling, remember that you should strive to add value to your audience without asking for anything in return. This may sound counterintuitive but is perhaps the most valuable principle in business.

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Once you make it a habit first to offer to give someone else an added value,

Through his blog, Michael Ginarto is sharing free content for entrepreneurs and people interested in starting their own business. In giving value to his audience, Michael doesn’t need to ask readers for something in return explicitly. Those who appreciate his content and decide that they might benefit from his expertise will, eventually, turn into a loyal audience.

While we’re on that matter, we hope this guide on personal branding can help you get started. Don’t hesitate to contact Michael if you need more hands-on assistance for your Brand

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