After the creation of the plan of action, all entrepreneurs must
make a decision to commit and maintain a high level of
determination to attain success. Growing a business, hiring new
employees, and increasing profits amongst other logistics require
that you create goals and be determined to see them finished to
the last positive outcome.

Sustaining a business involves taking on a heavy workload, and
the buck stops with the entrepreneur. This challenge is enough to
discourage many would-be entrepreneurs. Before you embark on
the journey, you must be fully determined to see the business
through, and this will prop you up even when the pressure of the
business mounts.

The gist of running a business is in learning from failures and
having the determination of seeing the business turn a profit and
become successful. When failure happens, you have to start over
again, and the tenacity of building a better business is the
motivation to many successful entrepreneurs of our age.

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