Eat, sleep and spend in moderation.

This may sound simple but millions fail at it. Eat clean and eat in
moderation. Food is fuel, not therapy. So many people eat when
they’re happy, they eat when they’re sad, they eat when they’re
bored… It just doesn’t end.

Eat only when you’re hungry. It’s fine to occasionally indulge but
know your limits. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions
because of poor diet choices and overeating.

Sleep soundly but don’t sleep your life away. 6 to 8 hours of sleep
a day is fine. Do not sleep 14 hours a day like a baby. At the
other extreme, try not to burn the candles at both ends and leave
yourself in a quivering mass of exhaustion because you’re only
sleeping 4 hours a day.

Spend your money wisely. One of the most common traits of
successful people is that they save their money. Do not spend
money that you do not have to buy things that you do not need
to impress people who do not care. Save your money diligently.
While these 3 pointers might seem commonplace and almost
inane, you’d be shocked to know that millions have ruined their
lives just by not getting these three points right.

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