Eat, sleep and spend in moderation.

This may sound simple but millions fail at it. Eat clean and eat inmoderation. Food is fuel, not therapy. So many people eat whenthey’re happy, they eat when they’re sad, they eat when they’rebored… It just doesn’t end. Eat only when you’re hungry. It’s fine to occasionally indulge butknow your limits. Obesity has reached epidemic […]

Fully Determined

After the creation of the plan of action, all entrepreneurs mustmake a decision to commit and maintain a high level ofdetermination to attain success. Growing a business, hiring newemployees, and increasing profits amongst other logistics requirethat you create goals and be determined to see them finished tothe last positive outcome. Sustaining a business involves taking […]

Risk Takers

The entrepreneurs making headlines in the world today and in thedays of the past like Bill Gates, John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford,Barbara Corcoran, Donald J. Trump, Richard Branson, and muchmore took significant risks to get what everybody else dreamed ofacquiring. Unlike most people in the world today who have ideas,they are constantly afraid of taking […]

Craves Learning

Entrepreneurs must be witty and sharp, and that means they mustalways be learning. In the modern era, sectors and industry areexperiencing constant change while evolving very fast. ThroughENTREPRENEURIAL TRAITS continuous learning, you will be able to stay ahead of thecompetition and abreast of the market and industrial trends.Regularly read books and wake up early in […]